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Planning/Program Management
BDA distinguishes itself from other project management firms by the emphasis it places on planning and program management. Our services include strategic corporate real estate, site planning, master planning, feasibility studies, and needs analysis.

Nortel NetworksBDA works with its clients to understand the totality of their business and mission, resources, and existing real estate holdings. This comprehensive and knowledge-based understanding forms the basis for BDA’s expert corporate reality guidance to its customers.

Transaction Management
A critical stage in real estate and workspace delivery is the acquisition of space and the related contractual agreements to allow work to proceed with diligence.

s knowledge of the real estate business and the various types of contractual methodologies, terms, and conditions, places our customers on a level playing field with developers, designers, and builders at the negotiation table in preparation for land or building acquisition, leasing, design and construction stages of work.

s vast experience in this stage of work has been a critical success factor in the delivery of real estate accommodation to its customers. BDA adds substantial value to its customers and business unit stakeholders as a contributor to the transaction team.Top of Page

Project Management
What sets BDA apart from others for total turnkey real estate delivery is that its Project Managers oversee the entire project — that means PLANNING and IMPLEMENTATION. The BDA project management team is experienced in all areas of global project delivery. What this does for our customers is it provides an unrivalled level of CONTINUITY and ACCOUNTABILITY throughout the project delivery process.

BDA adds considerable value for its customers during this stage of the delivery process. The project manager that has not participated or who has not become intimately familiar in / with the PLANNING phase is disconnected from the underlying mission and objectives of the customer. BDA makes it its business to contribute to, or become familiar with, the project PLANNING phase. Understanding this phase will result in a deliverable that is aligned with the customer’s strategic plan.Top of Page

Nortel NetworksBDA provides design team leadership throughout all phases of the project, and provides the expertise to ensure that the exacting needs of the client are incorporated in every aspect of the building. Unlike other project management firms, we offer in-house functional programming, interior design, and a full range of corporate realty interior services related to the design, selection and procurement of furniture. BDA recognizes the value of corporate design standards and design standards encompassing architectural, engineering and furniture standards and guidelines.

Information Systems Technology
BDA offers its customers a turnkey information systems service. Through its alliances and in-house expertise, BDA is capable of delivering the communications and information systems technology its customers need. From major infrastructure to employee’s desktop communications tools, BDA provides design knowledge and information systems project facilitation to ensure you are connected to your business community.Top of Page

Move Management
BDA considers this an extremely important phase in project delivery as this is the last stage prior to handing over to the customer’s operation and facility management division. Since 1992, BDA’s move management team has been responsible for the relocation of 15,000 people in the public and private sectors. BDA’s vast move management experience includes moves of personnel, furniture and equipment for offices, labs, R&D and manufacturing facilities in both the National Capital Region and northeastern United States.

BDA’s move management services includes planning and scheduling, customer info sessions, preparation of move tender documentation and retention of moving company, on-site move supervision and post-move support — all with a focus to minimize customer disruption and enhance customer satisfaction.Top of Page

Ongoing Support and Deliverables
JDS UniphaseAs part of its commitment to customer satisfaction, BDA provides ongoing support to keep up with its customers workplace and accommodation demands.

Ongoing, post-project moves and changes are a big part of today’s dynamic work environments. Working with your team, BDA will deliver the changes in your environment that will keep you effective and productive. Whether it is maximizing your office space utilization, coordinating personnel moves, or coordinating complete workspace renovation efforts, we will provide you with a complete solution so that you can focus on your core business.Top of Page

Realty Asset and Database Management
These key initiatives keep your real estate costs in perspective. BDA develops and maintains furniture and equipment inventory tracking mechanisms that will allow you to have a snapshot at any time of your total realty assets. This approach is not limited to just furniture and equipment. It can also be applied to your real estate portfolio. With these tools BDA can develop metrics for you that track capital facilities spending, transaction costs, operating or lease expense cash flow, or move expense cost and allow its customers to continually improve their core business.
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Vision, Leadership, Commitment, Integrity.
Vision, Leadership, Commitment, Integrity.